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Weight Loss and Weight Control After Pregnancy

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Returning to Your Pre-Pregnancy Shape

Having a baby is a most wonderful experience for a woman. And most of these women who have them would love to return to that pre-pregnancy shape they had ASAP. As we’ve all seen, celebrities who have the resources and contacts to get help from some of the best nutritionists and nurses and dietitians always seem to get back there faster than the average woman. But don’t expect the same results for your own postpartum goals of losing weight. Impatience is not the way to go here. Here are some tips for losing weight after you give birth:

You body took months preparing to birth your baby, so it’s going to take some time getting back into shape. Don’t immediately concern yourself with cutting calories, allow your body to have time for adjusting and returning to normal. With a new baby to care for, you’re going to need your energy. So don’t be too quick to focus on losing weight, especially within the first two or three months. This is a time for eating healthy foods and taking in enough calories and good nutrients for getting the energy you need for coping with caring for your baby.

pre pregnancy shapeStart Exercising As Soon As You Feel Up To It

You should exercise, but just when you feel like it. While your body is recovering, you still don’t need to just ignore how much you weigh. You can begin to do some light exercises as soon as you’re up to it. But don’t over exert yourself and push for vigorous or strenuous types of exercises. At least wait until you’ve had the first post-pregnancy doctors check-up. Get some advice from the doctor as to what exercises will be safe for you to do.

Believe it or not, breast feeding is actually good for burning off calories. A new mother, if she’s breast feeding, will produce on average about 850ml of milk every day. In order to generate that amount of milk, the mother will need to consume about 500 more calories each day during lactation.

After 3 Months Start Some More Strenuous Exercises

After maybe two or three months, the strength of your body is returning to normal. This is when you can begin a good healthy diet for losing weight, and perform some exercises that are more strenuous. But don’t go for the quick weight loss. A pound a week is a good solid goal for maintaining optimum health. Again, the doctor should be in on the whole thing. Keep eating the kind of foods that promote strength, energy, and stamina.

Many doctors and experts in pregnancy weight control will tell you the same thing concerning how long it will take to return to normal weight. They’ll tell you it depends on the amount gained while you were pregnant. The average for most women is about 25 or 30 pounds. And then the birth itself drops about 12 or 14 pounds off. So if you want to begin your weight loss program about two months after your recovery period, then aim for about one pound a week. And it should take from 12 weeks up to 21 weeks in order to lose the weight that was ‘extra’. So you’re looking at a period of six to eight months for returning to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Remember Allow Your Body to Recover Before Exercise

To recap, all women want to return to their pre-pregnancy weight as quickly as possible. But doing it too quickly can come back on you. So take it easy and allow your body to recover and start rebuilding itself. After your period of recovery, then talk to your doctor about beginning your weight loss diet and exercise program.

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