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Vitamin D and Health

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We all know that morning sun rays help our bodies get the essential vitamin D. Fat-soluble Vitamin D is split into VD 1 and VD 2, necessary minerals in the body that affect over 2,000 genes.

sunsetVitamin D Uses and Benefits

Vitamin D has numerous roles in the body a vital role includes absorption of phosphorous and calcium leading to a normal immune body function. Having the right Vitamin D levels is beneficial for healthy bone and teeth growth and development.

Vitamin D helps the body become resistant to several diseases. If you are Vitamin D deficient, your body risks developing ailments such as osteoporosis (fragile bones) and osteomalacia (soft bones).

Disease Fighter

Adding to its primary function extensive research shows that Vitamin D plays many roles including:

  • Lowering your risk of suffering from multiple sclerosis
  • Reduces the chances of developing heart disease
  • Minimizes the risk of suffering flu symptoms

Vitamin D and Depression

Studies published in the American Journal and other reputable sites prove that Vitamin D plays a huge role in controlling and warding off depression. A study found out that depressed people who take Vitamin D supplements improve their symptoms.

On Google, you will find published studies of people with fibromyalgia suffering from depression and anxiety due to a lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D And Weight Loss

For people trying to lose weight adding vitamin D,  helps prevent heart disease. Some studies show that vitamin D taken together with calcium supplements helps people lose weight faster as the extra calcium combined with the vitamin D suppresses appetite.

Vitamin D has numerous functions in the body; it helps regulate the absorption of phosphorous and calcium allowing the body to have an immune system that works normally.

sunbathingHow Do You Get Vitamin D?

Every healthy body produces vitamin D naturally after exposure to sunlight. With as little as ten minutes of exposure to the midday sun without sunscreen should do it.

Food supplements also add the necessary vitamin levels in your body. Today, lifestyles and environmental factors affect some people’s ability to acquire sufficient vitamin D amounts from sunlight alone.

If you lack the enough Vitamin D check whether you are exposed to the following elements and make changes:

  • Do you have darker skin?
  • Pollution
  • Spending plenty of time indoors away from the sunlight
  • Using sunscreen too often

People with inadequate vitamin D levels suffer from numerous symptoms and diseases, some of these diseases include:

  • Severe bone weakness and muscle pain which makes it difficult to move several flights of stairs, causing them to walk with a waddling gait.
  • Feeling tired, feeling unwell and suffering from aches and pains
  • Suffering from stress fractures in the pelvis, legs, and hips

Fortunately, Vitamin D deficiency diagnosis is simple, doctors perform simple blood tests, and he or she may order for X-rays to determine how strong or weak your bones are.

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