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The Better Choice – Personal Trainer or Bariatric Surgery

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Being Overweight Causes Serious Health Problems

People are spending about $55 billion each year in their efforts to lose weight through various weight reduction programs, diet foods and drinks, and other products. This simply underscores the fact that the majority of people are overweight, with half of these considered obese. If nothing is done about the excess weight, it will lead to a host of serious health problems. In addition to weight-loss plans and diet supplements, people may opt for a personal trainer or resort to bariatric or weight loss surgery.

A person’s body mass index (BMI) has become the standard consideration in describing a person in relation to his weight. Individuals with a BMI in the 25-30 range are reckoned overweight, and those with a BMI of above 30 are obese. Extremely overweight persons, with a BMI above 40, are at high risk to severe health problems including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Personal trainerA Personal Trainer Will Provide A Customized Weight Lose Plan

Fortunately people nowadays are more health-conscious and recognize the risks that come with being overweight. Getting your own personal trainer would be the best way to help you lose your extra weight permanently. The greatest advantage with having a personal trainer is that he can provide you a customized weight-loss plan for your specific needs, unlike other programs that are strictly one-size-fits-all.

Weight Loss Surgery Won’t Remove the Weight Forever

Many people have misconceptions about bariatric surgery. For one thing, they believe that if they can’t lose weight the natural way, they can always opt for bariatric surgery and never have to worry about their weight every again. Unfortunately this isn’t true. Not everybody who wants bariatric surgery can have it. A patient has to be evaluated by a medical professional if the surgery is suitable for his condition. His weight should be around 80 to 100 pounds in excess of what is normal, and he must have been unsuccessful with conventional weight loss methods. And after the operation, he will live on a very restricted diet and has to exercise regularly.

A generic weight loss plan usually fails to give permanent results because it can’t possibly address all of one individual’s specific needs. Something will always be left out – variable factors such as a person’s eating habits, food preferences, level of self-discipline, etc. These are details that a professional trainer would ask you to provide him with so he would know the reasons behind your weight gain. With all these personal information available to him, he will be able to formulate an appropriate dietary plan and an exercise routine. At the same time, he can help you overcome bad habits and negative attitudes that contributed to your weight problem.

A Personal Trainer Will Cost Less Than Weight Loss Surgery

Hiring a personal trainer will certainly cost a lot less than any form of bariatric surgery. And knowing what you know now about bariatric surgery, deciding between a personal trainer and bariatric surgery is a no-brainer.

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