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The Amazing Power of Protein in Weight Loss

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More and More People Including Children Are Becoming Obese

If the latest obesity statistic reports are anything to go by, there is enough reason to get worried and wonder where the world is headed to. The recently released statistics show that a shocking 30% of New Zealand and Australian kids are clinically overweight, while 59.6% of adults are obese or overweight. In the US, over half of the American population is overweight. The saddest part about these statistics is that there seems to be no signs of improvement anytime in the near future.

That not to discourage you though, there is enough evidence to indicate that people who have sufficient amounts of proteins in their diet can escape this growing and alarming trend. This is because protein has proven to have many dietary benefits that boost a weight management and weight loss program and efforts. Here are few of the reasons why you should consider a daily consumption of protein.Protein in your diet

 When Protein Is Consumed It Makes One Feel Full

The biggest advantage of protein is that when consumed, it makes one feel full and satisfied faster and for a long period of time, therefore reducing the chances of overeating and binge eating in the course of the day. Additionally, it has a very positive effect on carbohydrate cravings in that it gets into the brain and blocks a carb’s triggering effect on the same. Nutritionally, carbs have a way of triggering the brain to crave and yearn for more, which leads to a cycle of high consumption of carbs which seems very hard to control.

Therefore, if you compliment your carb intake with protein, chances of craving for carbs are significantly reduced. The simple addition of protein in every meal that you take therefore helps greatly maintain weight or lose excess weight. Actually, proteins give more than simply the weight benefits, it gives the body the ability to build and maintain lean muscle mass. Even though many people have been led to believe that this is only applicable to athletes, every person has a certain percentage of lean muscle mass whereby the higher your percentage the more calories your body will be able to expend in a day.

How Much Protein Is Required In One Day?

In addition to helping shed off calories, lean muscle mass also have a very vital role to play when maintaining or trying to lose weight. If a diet is short of enough proteins that will facilitate effective building of lean muscle mass, the body will start to lose weight from vital organs such as the muscle and heart, something which any nutritionist or doctor will tell you it is very fatal and unsafe. The question therefore is, how much protein does one require in any given day? Men will need around 120-150 grams while their female counterparts will need circa 80-100 grams a day.

Change Your Lifestyle and Your Diet

With that said, keep in mind that not all protein has the same amount of calories hence you should be wise when in-cooperating proteins in your daily diet. For instance, a single serving of prime rib provides your body with a whopping 1,500 calories; reason enough to look for protein from healthy sources such as fish, chicken, turkey, or lean beef. Lastly, if you can see any fat in your meat product, ensure you cut it off before cooking it.

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