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Pay fit: become a fitness instructor

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You’re fighting fit with abs more toned than the Incredible Hulk’s and legs stronger than a minotaur’s. Superfood ingredients and potions for vitality pack your mind like a fountain of youth, yet your pals couldn’t care less about your callisthenic prowess.

They stare at their pints while you enthuse about Stairmasters, and shrug their shoulders when you recommend them your latest batch of kale smoothies. Like a cardiovascular nomad, you’re fated to walk the path of frequent press-ups and quad exercises alone.

fitness instructorBut some passions are more than simple side-hobbies – many are vocations.

If you’re fanatical about fitness there are many opportunities to go into business and make a tidy profit from your knowledge. You will, however, need more than a natural aptitude towards developing muscles. You’ll need to get qualified to gain respect.

Perfect courses

A typical fitness course won’t impede on your current nine-to-five. Instead, you’ll be able to complete courses online, meaning you can study at four in the morning or eight in afternoon. These courses come in a wide variety. You could be completing Pilates instructor courses online, or a general personal trainer course, all with the end result of a fully accredited qualification for your troubles.

These courses are more than general padding. While you might think you know everything about fitness, these qualifications will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge consisting of everything from nutritional advice to adapting your exercise plan for different body types.

fitnessPicking your venue

Once you’ve achieved your qualification, it’s time to hang up your trouser and shirt in favour of sweatbands and running shorts. The world of workouts is your oyster, whether you plan to become an instructor at a private gym or go into business for yourself.

It won’t all be plain sailing if you let your body slide, however. Customers want a fitness instructor with a muscular presence who’s in good health. You are your best advertisement so you can’t allow a poor diet or lax fitness to impact your professional credibility.

The most secure lifestyle for personal instructors is to find a freelance position at a place such as Pure Gym. With hundreds of branches across the UK, this large chain of private gym providers accommodates many instructors, giving them high-quality equipment and a guaranteed wellspring of clients.

If you decide to go into business for yourself, you’ll need a little bit of extra money behind you. While there’s something to be said for a charming workout session in the park, clients will be reluctant to pay for your services unless you have the equipment to back up your credentials.

However you decide to move forward, bear this in mind – becoming a fitness instructor isn’t a pipedream. With time and dedication, you could be making cash for exercising.

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