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Mushrooms And Health

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sponge-basket-1194380_640For centuries healers have been using mushrooms to treat numerous diseases. Science confirms that mushrooms carry some of earth’s potent natural medicines. Scientists from different parts of the globe are studying over 100 species of mushrooms to find their health benefits.

Today, over twelve types of mushrooms have been proven to be perfect for immune boosting. The medical fraternity advises us to consume organic mushrooms because they have natural fungi that act as antibiotics in the human body fighting off diseases.

Mushroom CookingMushrooms Benefits

Go to Google and search for published FASEB Journal that details the following mushroom benefits:

Improved Nutrition: Studies confirm that consuming mushrooms is better for diet plans and improves nutrition.

Weight Management: By replacing red meat with mushrooms (white button) is a perfect weight loss plan. The change also reduces waist circumference and improves body composition.

Boosting Immune System Functions: Shiitake mushrooms are rich in beta-glucan molecules which stimulate the immune system. White Button mushrooms increase immunity’s response to salmonella.

Parasitic mushrooms have anti-aging effects and have been used for centuries by the Tibetan and Chinese Traditional healers for numerous reasons. Parasitic mushrooms are rich in hypoglycemia which protects your kidneys, liver and increases blood flow.

The hypoglycemia found in these mushrooms is used for Hepatitis B treatment and is also used for normalizing cholesterol levels. Cordyceps is an active compound in parasitic mushrooms and possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics, and it helps fight:

  • Renal Failure
  • Asthma
  • Stroke Damage
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Mushroom TypesBoosting Body Nutrition With Mushrooms

White Button Mushroom contains Vitamins Ds and the niacin B vitamin making it a perfect shroom for diabetics thanks to its low-calories. Shrooms are excellent antioxidants sources such as ergothioneine a master antioxidant.

The antioxidant produces sulfur which is an essential mineral in the body especially for shielding DNA from oxidative damage. Today, mushrooms can be taken whole or as food supplements. Below is a list of mushrooms and their benefits:

Enoki: Mild-flavored and slender mushrooms that have high immune and anti-cancer effects.

Oyster: Have anti-cancer effects and have the least flavor levels.

Shiitake: Loved by many wild and domestic animals, these shrooms have high antiviral, anti-tumor and cholesterol-lowering abilities.

Maitake: Studies shows that they have immune, anticancer, and antiviral enhancing properties. When consumed consistently they reduce blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Mushrooms produce antioxidants such as selenium that aid in the prevention of cell damage. Copper from mushrooms helps in red blood cells productions. Portobello mushroom has significant potassium levels and is cholesterol free.

White Mushrooms are a perfect Vitamin D source because their exposure to sunlight allows them to soak appropriate amounts of ultraviolet light which boost vitamin D content.

Side Note: As you think about mushrooms, remember that there are dangerous mushrooms, and you should seek expert advice.

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