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Weight-Loss2sOne of the facts of life that we just have to accept is that it’s a whole lot easier to put on weight than to get rid of it. Some people go further with this line of thinking and tell themselves, why try to lose weight when it’ll just come back anyway? They have probably tried several times but for some reason or other, they didn’t stay the course and so they didn’t get the results they wanted. Many times, however, the failure is due to lack of commitment. Is this true in your case?

You have just started on a new weight-loss plan. At first, you are focused and going about it enthusiastically. Gradually the pounds come off, you’re looking good and feeling good. But then, you got too comfortable and just backslid little by little until you were back where you started. What makes it harder is that as you get older, you lose some muscle mass. With less muscle to burn fat, your metabolism goes down, making you gain even more weight.

But now, you realize that there are no two ways about – either you keep the weight or get rid of it. Well, if you’re serious about losing it, here are some tips to help you get back into shape:

  • Once and for all, you will have to give up fatty foods, especially if they’re deep-fried, and stop eating the fast foods that you’re used to.
  • Get rid of your soda habit and develop the habit of drinking more water, at least 8 glasses a day. Drink a cup or glass before a meal to fill you up so you’ll stop eating sooner. If you drink more water, your body will also function more efficiently and burn calories better.
  • Stop thinking of red meat as your main source of protein. Opt for healthy protein sources like fish (especially wild salmon and sardines, which has omega 3 for a healthy heart), chicken (without the skin), dried beans, etc. You can still enjoy red meat, but choose leaner cuts and trim the fat.
  • You have to say “no” to your sweet tooth and turn away from dessert foods loaded with sugar (as well as fat). You’re better off eating fresh fruits, which will give your body the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to boot. Not that you can’t have a little chocolate (go for the dark kind) or other sweet treat every now and then to keep yourself from feeling deprived.

Basically, you need to make healthy food choices consistently until it becomes second nature to you. This is the best way to keep the pounds from coming back.

And don’t forget that a weight-loss plan would not be complete without regular exercise. Some experts say that brisk walking every day for 30 minutes (more if you are significantly overweight) is just about all the exercise you need. In addition, try to incorporate more activity into your daily routine (taking the stairs instead of the elevator, vacuuming and doing other household chores at a more vigorous pace, etc.).
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