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is-cardio-the-best-300x201Most of us ordinary, normal every day folk are not experts in exercise and the correct routines to use. A majority of us are in the position we are in of wanting to lose weight because of our lack of knowledge in exercise regimes. Simply we know that we need to eat fewer calories than we burn off in order to lose weight. The ways to go about this most of us are novices in.

Hire a Personal Trainer?

This is nothing to be ashamed of and in fact many people are making careers out of the fact they have this knowledge. You can join a gym or hire a personal trainer and exchange for a large chunk of your wages they will be willing to share with you their expertise on the subject. The problem with this is that you will always get a difference of opinion. One expert may tell you to exercise a different way to another. Each expert will have their favorite routines and workouts which of course they will recommend to you.

Of course the cost of this is also enough to put some people off.

You can try and cut corners – Look online for exercise plans or loan a book from your local library. Fact of the matter is, these too will have a difference in options and advice that they give you. It can sometimes seem over whelming. You are trying to do the best for your health and your body and the advice given is enough in some cases to put you off even trying.

The scary thing is that some experts will even recommend the WRONG type of exercise for you. A lot of experts will recommend cardiovascular exercise as the best type of work out that you can do. This type of workout can be tiring and strenuous. In fact it takes so much effort that this is what puts a lot of people off keeping up with their new healthy life style. People often find that after a few weeks of this hard core exercise they are simply bored or finding it hard to fit in the hours and hours of work that is needed each week to see any real result.

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