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How to Get Protein Into Your Diet

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Eating Protein In Your Diets Helps Keep The Body From Burning Up Muscle Tissue Instead of Fat

One of the essential parts of a healthy body is protein. And it can be a major player in your quest for losing weight. Eating lots of protein when you diet, or in general, can help to keep the body from burning up muscle tissue instead of fat. It also is fundamental in building and preserving lean muscle tissue. When eaten properly, protein can be the best ally you have for your dieting.

Protein requires a lot of energy for being digested, thus more calories get burned to produce the energy.  Carbohydrates and fats are much easier to digest, so they are quickly turned to fat and help to burn a lot fewer calories.

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Your Body Will Work Extra Hard an Hour After Each Meal

The number of meals per day will vary from person to person. Some may have only a few. But people who diet should keep in mind, that the ‘thermic effect’ peaks about an hour after eating. So it’s important how you take in your calories during your day. If you eat three large meals and have a snack or two throughout your day, the body will work extra hard an hour after each meal in processing what you ate. This can cause the body to become fatigued if the meals are large. And the subsequent results are you being less active and having less energy and burning fewer calories.

One sure way to get your body to spring into action in regards to the digestive process, is to eat five to six small meals a day. When you eat small meals, your body doesn’t get overloaded with work, and is better able to efficiently digest and burn calories. YOU don’t get burned out. So you can see that protein and weight loss go hand in hand.

Protein Sources

Protein can be acquired from many different sources. It can be derived from foods and also from supplements. You should not think that all you need to eat is protein, there are many other things your body needs to stay healthy, and some of the right fats are just as important. The proteins do help to burn calories, and increase your metabolism. But they are just one part of the equation.

 Learn Which Foods Contain Protein

Some of the foods that contain the richest sources of protein are meat, fish, cheese, and eggs. Some plants have them as well, like beans, nuts, seeds, and lentils.

Protein can be a great contributor to your dieting. So it pays for you to learn about them, how they work, and how to make the most of them in regards to your dieting efforts. Eat protein, and live a healthy life!

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