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accelerate-weight-loss-200x300HIIT or ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ is the bold new method of workout that aims at shedding the extra pounds off your body through a process of short yet intense bursts of workout. Often, the big problem faced by individuals beginning their weight loss journey, is the amount of time it takes to lose the desired weight. This apparent slowdown in the weight shedding process is a result of the body getting habituated to the exercise regime. The solution lies in increasing workout intensity to get better results.

HIIT- Concept Of Operation

The revolutionary procedure of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) focuses on flip-flopping between a high intensity low duration (preferably 10-30 seconds) and a moderate intensity high duration (20-30 minutes) routine to prevent the body from adjusting to the exercise rhythm. Thus, you end up burning fat quicker and shedding more pounds over a given period.

HIIT Actually Works

One particular study done by Dr. Angelo Tremblay revealed how subjects put through small-duration-high-intensity workouts could drop nine times the flab as compared to those that were made to work out on the treadmill for a much longer time (30-45 minutes). The simple fact is that any cardiovascular routine done with the right intensity is going to act up on your body. However, if your weight does not show any decline in spite of your best efforts, then maybe it is time for you to try some HIIT.

Advantages Of HIIT

The very manner of operation of HIIT ensures that it work simultaneously on aerobic and anaerobic systems in your body. As such, it can do a multitude of service for your body, which include maintaining the blood-sugar level, boosting metabolism and releasing the body’s internal fat busters to hasten the weight loss. Thus, when compared to a general workout activity like brisk walking or jogging, HIIT is light years ahead when it comes to efficacy.

HIIT – Safe Or Not

HIIT needs to be performed under expert supervision. This does not necessarily mean it has safety issues. Done properly, HIIT is a perfectly safe process. As a beginner, you need to relax with HIIT, ensuring that you perform a 20-minute cardio workout routine before you commence with your HIIT schedule. Furthermore, people with a bad heart should not attempt this procedure as it involves spiking up the heart rate. Finally, remember to fit your high intensity training between a 5-minute warm-up and a cool-down routine, and you will do just fine.

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