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Helpful Ways You Can Workout At Home

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There is no denying that this new fitness craze is going to be here for a while. Not that there is anything bad about it, but if this is the first time anyone of us took serious note of what we eat and the activities we do, it is going to be a bit hard to adjust. Losing weight is hard, but not impossible. There are countless ways we can go about it, too. Research says that swimming can be our full-body cardio, paired with weight training, and we are on our way to a healthier lifestyle, and a fit body to show for it.

But honestly, we know wearing a FitBit to track everything and a few hours of jogging is not going to cut it completely. People tell you to go the gym and be with people who are as concerned about their health as you are, but a gym subscription can be quite expensive. That is a bummer all on its own, and that usually derails us on our journey to becoming fit. However, there are beginner workouts that do not require fancy gym equipment but still delivers the same result.

runnerIf you are someone who wants to start getting fit and healthy, here are a couple of ways you can work-out at the comfort of your own home.

Find an open space where you can do your workouts

One of the ways you can avoid getting injured is if you move the things that might hurt you out of the way. Move around furniture or clear the garage for a couple of hours so you can have an open space to workout. Never workout in a small space like your room, you probably would not be able to work out in it anyway.

Do not forget to warm up before you start your workout

Warming up is an important part of any workout. It helps get your heart pumping and warms your muscles so that you are prepared to carry heavy weights, do jumps, and so on. If you neglect to warm up before an intense workout, you will get serious injuries, some of which have long term effects, especially on your joints where the pressure is mostly felt. If you are rushing, always cut your workout time and not your warm up time. Warm ups can be jogging, stationary biking, jump rope, and climbing the stairs. These will get your heart pumping and into the fat burning zone; but don’t wear yourself out. 15 to 30 minutes of these before and after a workout is fine.

Ease your way into the workout

After that much needed warm up is your workout. Do not shock your body by doing hardcore exercises. If you are just beginning, stick to exercises that can help you ease your way towards that to avoid injuries. Do not worry about your progress, you will eventually get there.

home workoutStart with bodyweight squats, walking lunges, pushups, burpees, jumping jacks, and planks. There are people who do 20 of each exercise with 15-seconds of planking for 4 rounds, and a 30-second rest before starting over again. But if you cannot do this, 15 of each for 15-30 seconds of planking for 3 rounds, and a 30-second rest before starting again is fine.

Make sure that the rest time does not go beyond 30 seconds or a minute; if it does, you will lose the momentum and your body’s workout conditions. Remember that as soon as you started the warm up, your elevated heart rate has been in the fat burning zone. If you rest too long, it will go down and you will have to start over again.

You can wear your FitBit while working out so that you know what your heart rate is and see when it is about to leave the fat burning zone. It tracks your food and water intake during the week, so maybe that can help you create a workout that can burn unwanted calories.

Stretch after a workout

Do not forget to stretch after you have done your workout. Your muscles have been contracted from everything that you have done, so it is time to normalise it. There are some people who do not take stretching seriously, just like how they neglect warming up, but remember that some of the worse injuries are from not warming up and stretching properly.

You can delay that gym membership if you are just starting out. Research all that you can about beginner’s workout and follow this flow so that your workout at home becomes a success.

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