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Get in the Habit of Working Out with Exercise Bingo

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One of the most difficult things to do when starting out training is conditioning yourself for the workouts. Lifehacker explains that many struggle to stay motivated to exercise for a variety of reasons: some think it’s just too hard, while others say that they don’t have the time for it. This is all to be expected when trying to build a new habit, as we struggle to move out of our comfort zones. For many people, it’s also a matter of not knowing where and how to start, and undertaking tasks and workouts too difficult for their level of fitness.

It’s always a good idea to start small and with simple workouts, but doing the same workouts every day can be quite monotonous and boring as well, and as Fit Watch says, working out should never be monotonous and boring. Here’s an idea to keep your workouts interesting: Exercise Bingo.

We won’t blame you for wondering how a game that’s often played by grandmothers in retirement homes can help you get fit, but bingo has actually seen a rise in popularity in recent years as it’s been adapted into different themes. Back in 2012, Victory Lady Fitness Centers encouraged their members to play a game called Fitness Bingo, which challenged them to perform several different exercises in order to get a BINGO!, earning themselves currency that could be used in the centers, and it’s this sort of game that we can use to build better workout habits.

It’s best to start simple when you’re just getting the hang of things, and Gala Bingo divides exercise into three categories for those just starting out: the Warm Up, More Vigorous Exercises, and the Wind Down. The reputable bingo site has a dedicated page entitled ‘Tone Up’ which emphasizes the importance of exercising on a regular basis.

Here’s how to get started…

Tone Up

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Create a list of 5 exercises you’re comfortable with doing for each of the three categories, and use an online bingo card generator like the one on Osric as it allows for a 3×5 grid, and then put in your exercises, labeling the items in each of the categories from 1-5. At the start of the day, just before you start working out, roll a die and take note of the exercise that corresponds to the number you rolled – rolling a six earns you free pick over the exercise. Do this for each category, until you’ve got one exercise for Warming Up, one More Vigorous Exercise, and one for Winding Down. As you continue building your workout habit, slowly gear up to rolling for two exercises per category, and then three, and so on until you’re doing all of the exercises you’ve listed on your card.

Working out can be stressful and boring for those just starting out, but it doesn’t have to be. With some simple solutions, it’s not hard to build good habits for working out.

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