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Finding Weight loss solution in a bottle of wine

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Rejoice wine connoisseurs! No need to guilt-ride yourself every time you go in for the final glass of the bottle you just opened five minutes ago – that’s still too much isn’t it?

Anyway, a new research conducted by Washington State University (WSU) scientists found out that drinking a glass of red wine a day can aid people in their fat loss journey by transforming some of the excess flab known as white fat into brown fat that is capable of burning those pesky calories.

Resveratrol red wineThe Winederful Study

Min Du, the senior author of the study headed the team of researchers in finding out the effects of an ingredient found in wines known as resveratrol. The health benefits of wine have already been established by now, but weight loss? That’s another medal.

The research is carried out on laboratory mice, the scientists gave the (I hope willing) animals 12 ounces of fruit a day. The amount given is equivalent to the average intake of resveratrol for an average human.

They found out that mice fed resveratrol-rich fruits gained as little as 40 percent less body weight in comparison to rodents who were not given the fruits.

The results show that the resveratrol in the animal’s body aided to convert excess adipose tissues or otherwise known as white fat into active brown ones that actively burns calories, thus reducing the weight of the mice. Also, the ellargic acids found inside a vineyard’s grapes have been found to have the ability to delay the development of fat cells and slow the progression of new ones.

Red WineWine should you try it?

Red wine is recognized source for the fat-burning component but only to a lesser content when compared to grapes. It doesn’t really matter what type of red wine you choose, Advintage Wines have some of the best in business. The best thing is that they are available online for easy ordering and delivery.

Researchers agree that many of the healthy benefits of red wine are still present even after the filtering process and can still be utilized by the human body. More wine with less guilt, isn’t this the best thing you’ve heard this year?

Resveratrol has been acknowledged as a natural way to fight diverse illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and even cancer. It has also been shown to delay the effects of aging, diabetes as well as obesity. Many of the assertions related with the ingredient, however, are still deliberated on.

It also mimics gym time because resveratrol also provides benefits for the heart, including enhanced physical performance, agility, as well as muscle strength. It also simulates cardiovascular improvements similar to exercise. The benefits are almost limitless, but don’t abuse it as far as trading your cardio for a glass of merlot.

The study’s confirmation of red wine’s weight busting benefits gives drinkers comfort with each sip. Although, you could also just munch on a handful of red grapes and gain the exact same benefits as a glass of your favorite wine, but a little buzz puts the mind at ease, and gives several other extras.

So cheers to weight loss, courtesy of your favorite glass of cabernet sauvignon.

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