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Fat Burning Rules

Weight Training and Fat Burning

Along with building muscle, training with weights can also help fat burning. As with any activity, weight training will burn up a bit of fat as part of overall energy spent. Anytime you move, fat is an energy source, and it is also used in overall metabolism.

Since muscle has an elevated metabolic rate compared to body fat, being more muscular means you have slightly higher metabolism. Because of this, some fat is also burned even after you have finished weight training.

The amount of fat that you burn is mostly determined by the duration and intensity of the workout, whether it is cardio, weight lifting, or a combination.

Best Workout for Fat Burning

There is not one workout that is better for burning fat than another. The best thing to focus on is the total amount of energy is used up during the activity compared to how much energy you have consumed. If you burn more energy than you’ve taken in, you will notice both weight and fat loss in the long run.

Some people think that weight training is a better way to lose fat. This is not necessarily true. Because there is more resting between sets and between the different exercises, an hour of weight lifting has less “exercise time” than performing an hour of cardio. Circuit training, in which you are moving quickly from one exercise to the other and resting very little, will be more comparable to cardio in terms of energy expenditure.

As far as the concept that weight training burns calories after working out, cardio exercise that has a higher intensity will also burn fat after the workout is concluded.

Comparing Fat Burning Results Between Weight Training and Other Exercise

The amount of calories and fat burned is determined by the amount of time and the intensity of the exercise. In general, weight lifting does not burn as much energy as certain cardio activities such as running or cycling. Looking at an hour of exercise for a person weighing 150 pounds, an hour of running burns around 770 calories and an hour of vigorous weight lifting burns 420 calories. Since both activities will continue to burn fat after the exercise is completed, running expends more energy and would be considered the better fat burning exercise.

Again, how much fat you lose is determined more by the intensity and duration of the exercise than the exercise itself. Weight training can be great for burning fat, but other activities can be just as good, if not better, so try a diversity of workouts in your exercise routine for variety and maximum weight loss.

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