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Do’s and Don’t For Getting Rid of Belly Fat

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The Belly Is The Hardest Area To Take Weight Off

If you were to pick just one body part where you’d like to lose the excess weight first, you’d probably pick the belly. Who doesn’t want a trim waist and a flat stomach especially during summer? Unfortunately, this area seems to be the hardest to take the weight off from. If you’d like to know how, check out the following tips.

You should get enough rest

This may sound paradoxical, but the fact is it’s during your resting time that your muscles recover and rebuild themselves. If they are in good repair, your muscles will burn calories more efficiently which is good not only for your overall health as well as your weight-loss goals. It may be difficult to get eight hours of sleep, so just get as much as you can.

Opt for healthy snacks

Snacks have to taste good or people wouldn’t buy them – at the expense of good nutrition. Unhealthy snack foods either have too much sugar, salt, and/or fat. Opt for unsalted nuts, unbuttered popcorn, raisins, fresh fruit, etc. And don’t be taken in by snack foods bearing “low-fat” or “reduced-fat” labels. Generally the number of calories you get from these products are only negligibly lower than what you’d get from the regular products.

bellyDrop the midnight-snack habit

You should avoid food entirely at least three hours before your bedtime. Taking snacks late at night usually stems from the habit of watching late-night TV. One way to get rid of this habit is by taking four small meals at about four-hour intervals in the course of the day instead of a two big meals. You should have taken your last meal for the day well before you retire for the night.

Choose the good carbs

Avoid processed foods and foods made with refined flour such as white bread and pastries. They can cause bloating and indigestion. Opt for good carbs found in whole grains, brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables. The proper portion of carbs in your meal is approximately the size of your palm.

Refrain from alcohol

People with beer bellies usually got that way because of too much beer.  Regardless of some supposed health benefits from red wine, alcohol contains several calories. Minimize social drinking but if you intend to lose weight, then stop drinking alcohol entirely.

Exercise regularly

Whether you like it or not, cutting down caloric intake is not enough to help you lose weight. You have to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise every other day. Resistance training or weight-lifting is recommended because it develops your muscles, which will then be able to burn more fat. There are so many options – dancing, jogging, cycling, etc. – that you’re sure to find something you enjoy doing.

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