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Perhaps you know of someone who has lost excess pounds by simply walking for a few minutes every day or changing to a diet soda. These are small habits that really make a great difference as they increase the metabolism over time. As such, when you embrace a few habits here and there, you are sure to revive your already stalled metabolism and make the process of losing weight easier and quicker as you will burn more calories in the end.

runnerMove it
Perhaps you have heard it, ‘move it or lose it’, this can never be truer in weight loss, you either move your body or you lose the quest for weight loss. Deskbound people burn around one-third less calories every day. Take every available opportunity to move around, regardless of the distance you will be moving, and be sure to record great success. Some ideas of moving it include:

  • Stand up when you’re on the phone and step from side to side
  • Pace up and down
  • Park in the furthest corner of the parking lot and walk towards where you are going
  • Tap your feet
  • Change position
  • Wriggle and fidget
  • Use the restroom upstairs
  • Swing your legs
  • Move your head from side to side
  • Stand up and stretch
  • Clench and release your muscles

Eat Little and Often
Statistics show that consuming small meals every 2-4 hours keeps the metabolism burning very fast, compared to when you eat large, less frequent meals. Small amounts of food will ensure that your body works continuously to break down the food hence use up stored energy

Drink Cold Water
This is a win-win situation because research shows that when you take cold water, the body will burn out extra calories in an effort to raise the water temperature to the level of body temperature and in general, keeping the body hydrated helps hasten the metabolic process.

Eat More Protein
Protein needs a very complex chemical to be broken down into usable fuel by the body. And because protein takes long to be digested, it will keep your blood sugar level stabilized longer; hence you’ll avoid overeating during the day. Ensure each of your meals has a portion of protein.

Fat isn’t that bad
Forget about the widespread misconceptions about fat being bad, it isn’t always the case. Fat will not only taste good, but the body needs it to work effectively. When you consume a couple of servings of ‘healthy’ fats on a daily basis, you will over time increase the body’s potential to burn calories. Use fats such as olive oil, hempseed oil, flaxseed oil, salmon, avocado, albacore tuna, seeds, and nuts in your daily diet.

Spice up
Spices have proven to boost the metabolism and maintain the sugar levels. When you include a half teaspoon of cinnamon a day, or cayenne, wasabi, or crushed pepper in your diet, you will surely make a difference.

Workout with Weights
When you lift weights when exercising, you end up building muscle tissue which is metabolically active, hence will need calories even when inactive.

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