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3 Simple Ways to a Slimmer You

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Many people who are excessively overweight may deny it but some will readily admit that they got that way because of their own eating habits. This boils down to a lack of self-discipline. When some people start eating, they seem to forget everything else; they don’t stop to think about what all the fat or the salt or the sugar is doing to their bodies. If you are one of these people, you are digging your grave with your knife and fork.

You should be concerned not only with the external aspect of excessive weight (that is, the shape of your body) but with the health risks you are exposing yourself to. There is a correlation between unhealthy eating habits and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. These serious ailments are the leading causes of death worldwide. If you want to avoid the dire consequences of reckless and irresponsible eating habits, then read on.

slimmer youDon’t be fooled by labels

Many food products are being labeled “low-fat” or “reduced-fat” when they have just about the same number of calories as the regular products. More often than not the difference in caloric content is negligible. And people make the mistake of eating more of a product that is labeled low-fat or reduced-fat than they normally would if they were eating the regular product. So they’re surprised when they get on the scales because all they had been eating are “low-fat” foods. The smart thing to do is to buy the regular product but to eat smaller servings.

Don’t skip meals

Some people believe they can lose weight by skipping breakfast, or lunch or dinner. In fact, the opposite is true. Of course, you have to limit your calorie intake. When you’re putting food on your plate, leave plenty of space on it and stop when you have consumed the food. By skipping a meal, you are likely to eat much more than usual when you take your next meal. You should never skip breakfast in particular; it would be like starting a trip with a car that has no fuel.

Exercise correctly

You may be on a fitness regimen and exercising religiously. The question is are you doing the exercise correctly? If the way you bend or lift your body or your arms is not correct, the exercise will not accomplish what it is supposed to. And you don’t lose as much weight as you would expect. So get the form or posture right to make exercise an effective weapon in your battle to lose weight.

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