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weight-loss-tips-2-200x300So you have tried all means possible, at least the quick fix ways of losing weight, and more particularly the use of slimming pills and to your delight, your efforts are starting to get rewarded as you have started losing body fat progressively. But then one day, you notice to your dismay that your progress has somewhat stagnated and even though you are still popping in the diet pills, nothing seem to change. As if that is not enough, you discover that the lost weight has started coming back again, and at a very rapid rate.

Short Term Fad Diets

Well, many people can identify with this case scenario the reason being fad diets and slimming pills will only offer short term weight loss solutions. However, for a sustainable weight loss solution, you should ensure that the amount of calories you consume do not exceed those that you expend. Perhaps you have already seen to it that the calories expended are more than those consumed. However, the body has such a complex mechanism whereby when dieting and you feel hungry without doing anything, the body signals the brain that the body is in a starvation mode hence it should store fat for future use.

Metabolism Slowing Down?

Your body doesn’t know you are dieting and as such, it will use up muscle energy instead of body fat. Needless to mention, fewer muscles mean that the metabolism will be slowed down thus the ability to burn fat will also slow down gradually. If for example you decide to take appetite suppressants, the body reacts the same way as if you were on a diet. Pills that boost the metabolism and those that reduce the intake of starch will equally help your body burn a few more calories, or better still restrict some calories from being converted into body fat. The question however is, will the calories restricted be sufficient enough to help reduce weight significantly and on a permanent basis or does it mean you have to stick to the pills forever?

Lose Weight Permanently

With that said, there are three key elements that will help you lose weight permanently. First off, you should do cardiovascular exercises at a 65-85% maximum heart rate to help expend as many calories as possible. Secondly, weight lifting will help you grow muscle or better still help you prevent the loss of muscle when the body assumes it is on a starvation mode. As mentioned, more muscles mean high natural fat burning ability even when not weight lifting i.e. when the body is at rest.

The third element to permanent weight loss is eating small portions of meals frequently throughout the day instead of eating 3 large meals. This way, the body will signal the brain that the food is available in abundance hence there should be no need to conserve fat for survival. You should eat small portions of 5-6 meals at an interval of 3 hours between the meals. Even so, your caloric intake shouldn’t surpass those that you expend.

When these key elements are incorporated into your lifestyle, be guaranteed of successful permanent weight loss.

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